Filipino Artists

Elito V. “Amangpintor” Circa was born on 28 January 1970. Elito V. Circa is a famous Filipino folk painter.


Elito V. Circa was born in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija in the Philippines and began painting at the age of ten. His hometown was permanently flooded in his early childhood to give way to the construction of a dam. His family was relocated to higher ground, where he could see the belfry of the town’s 18th-century church resurface when the reservoir water level fell each summer. These events influenced his later work.


The former President of the Philippines Corazon Aquino is also a famous Filipino artist. Cory Aquino was a skilled painter, and was fond of giving her own paintings as gifts to her close friends and acquaintances, including world leaders, diplomats, and corporate executives. Most of Cory Aquino’s painting are flowers.

Popong Landero is a Davao-based artist who earned his moniker “Kaliweteng Gitarista” in 1978 after his first single swept the airwaves. Known for being a left-handed guitarist and for his reggae covers of Bob Marley.
Until now, whenever he plays in Mts, Taboan, the youth would still jam and stir up the place.


Kublai Millan; born Rey Mudjahid Ponce Millan.

His larger-than-life sculptures are all over the city, such as “The Durian” at the Davao International Airport; the 50 sculptures for the Bukidnon Overview Park along the national highway connecting the city to Cagayan de Oro; and 100 sculptures at the People’s Park. His very own Ponce Suites is decorated purely by all his works and once you are in the lobby you will surely notice his artcrafts.